By trotto

Steve TV came about as a way to better connect with the Mobility Today BROADCAST_mic4 audience. With the advent of streaming video we are now able to let our audience participate in our weekly podcasts. Having real time interaction has brought the Podcast to the next level.

As a member of the Mobility Today Podcast we use Ustream to broadcast the recording of our Podcast on Wednesday nights at 9PM EST.

I also appear from time to time on the T4 Podcast with Michael Manna.

When I am not Podcasting I do impromptu broadcasts that deal with technology. These are done on Yahoo Live or Stickam and typically include other technology enthusiasts. I don’t have a set schedule but will Twitter the time and link when we go live. You can follow me on Twitter here

My home studio consists of two cameras, Camera one is a Logitech Orb AF and is Picture 3 used as the main studio camera. Camera two is a Logitech Pro 9000 for notebooks that is mounted on the celing of my studio giving the viewer a birds eye view of the studio.

My audio setup consists of the Samson G Track professional USB microphone, Samson Shock Mount, that is set on a Q-Mic stand with a boom swing arm.  I also use the On-Stage POP blocker filter. My broadcast headphones are the Bose QC 3.

Below are the links to the services that I use to broadcast Steve TV.

UStream Channel – Steve TV

Steve TV Yahoo Live Steve TV Technology Talk

Stickam Channel –  Steve TV Technology Talk

2 Responses to “Steve TV”

  1. July 16, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    Alli sent me to MT and I caught tonight’s webcast. Nicely done! I caught a bit of your Mass accent and wanted to give a shout – my parents are from Dorchester/Revere and Southie, and the rest of the family are scattered about the city and the Cape. (Go SOX!!)

    Looking forward to some good knowledge from MT!! Cheers!

    Richmond, VA

  2. July 17, 2008 at 7:16 am


    Thanks for stopping by and listening. Although I am from central MA I have a lot of relatives that live out that way, North End & Revere, so I get out there quite often.
    I love the Sox and hope that we can win it all again this year.


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