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Mobility Today Podcast #125

mt125 Does Android have what it takes to take on Apple? Listen tonight as Dave, Steve and Mike discuss this topic as well as the latest news in the technology arena.

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Mobility Today Podcast Live Tonight

Every Wednesday night at 9pm we stream live the recording if the Mobility Today Podcast. I would recommend everyone register for an account so this way we know who is in the chat room. Once you register make sure you login over at UStream and then come on over and participate in the podcast!!


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Google Cuts Features Out of ‘Android’ OS

Google said Monday that it will cut two key features out of its upcoming "Android" mobile-phone OS: a formal Bluetooth implementation, and Google Talk, the developer’s version of instant messaging.

However, Google said that the first phones will indeed have support for Bluetooth hands-free devices. On the other hand, HTC or T-Mobile, both carriers that have committed to developing Android phones, will apparently not have access to the API that exposes Bluetooth functionality; dedicated Bluetooth functions will apparently have to be designed in by Google itself.

Google’s omissions were noted as the company released a 0.9 beta to developers. On Monday, developer advocate Dan Morill explained the decision in a blog post. "Earlier this week, we released a beta of the Android SDK," Morill wrote. "In the accompanying post, I mentioned that we had to remove some APIs from the platform for Android 1.0, and as a result they don’t appear in the 0.9 beta SDK, and won’t appear in 1.0-compatible SDKs."

The Bluetooth API and the Google Talk functionality were the only omissions that Morill explicitly noted.

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Final Issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

It looks as if Windows Mobile is dying on many fronts. With the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry becoming the predominate devices Smartphone Magazine has decided to call it quits.

Publisher Hal Goldstein said that it was “because of the difficulty of reaching new Windows Mobile smartphone customers, and the lack of advertising sponsorship from Microsoft, phone companies, and OEMs. We are a very small, self-funded magazine publishing company”.

It is too bad to see this publication going away but change is good and quite honestly there were a few of the blogger’s writing there that, in my opinion, should have retired years ago.

There is good news however. Goldstein goes on to say that

Although we have no plans to publish future Windows Mobile issues. we have left the door open, particularly if a sponsor or buyer steps forward. Our focus in 2009 will be the four scheduled iPhone Life issues, which we will publish under the umbrella title of Smartphone Magazine under the same newsstand distribution as Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine.

I wish them the best and look forward to the new publications.

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Downlolad AT&T Tilt Update – Version 3.57.502.2 Date: 2008-08-21

HTC has released AT&T Tilt Windows Mobile 6.1 Software (ROM Version 3.57.502.2 WWE).  This ROM update is intended for the AT&T Tilt only and users should not load or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage.

Whats Included:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • HTC Home
  • Video Share Calling
  • Threaded SMS
  • MS Voice Command
  • OneNote Mobile
  • Remote Desktop Monitor
  • Enroll Domain
  • Managed Programs
  • PTT Button now available
    for reassignment under

For more information and to download the ROM please visit HTC Support Website