SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 Public Beta

I bet there are a lot of happy folks in the US now that the latest release of sp2_0_public_beta-hero SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 public beta is out. Currently for US customers only, I am sure that it will be available for everyone else soon  There are some great new features that offer a lot more functionality.  Supposedly you can watch and control TV on your PC with “more flexibility, fun, and even greater control”.

Here are some of the new and improved features:

Live Video Buffer—Control Live TV
The new Live Video Buffer with DVR-like control allows you to easily pause, rewind or fast-forward, up to 60 minutes of video on your PC, right from SlingPlayer. (Not yet available for Mac).

The Guide—See What’s On
The SlingPlayer Guide is just like your programming guide at home but is built right into the SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 PUBLIC BETA software. So you can easily find what’s on without having to use your TV’s programming guide or the remote control. (Not yet available for Mac).

SlingRemote™ looks and acts exactly like your real remote control at home, giving you full control over your viewing experience. From changing channels to setting a DVR to record, you can click buttons right on your computer screen.

Multiple Viewing Modes & Sizes
With different viewing modes, the SlingPlayer software allows you to work, surf the web and enjoy your TV, all at the same time.

So take advantage of the opportunity to grab the SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 public beta software here

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