The iPhone’s Frustrating Bugs?

I recently saw a news story on one of those second rate blogs that never really seem to get it right.

Are there some bugs with the new 2.0 software? Absolutely. However are they show stoppers? I think not.

There are issues with Mobile Me that Apple is working to correct. There are some issues with some of the applications that cause the unit reboot. Furthermore there are issues when switching from 3G to Edge.

Personally I have not experienced any of the bugs that have been reported with the exception of the switching network problem.

Do these issues worry me. Not in the least. Why? Because unlike Microsoft Apple will address the issues and release an update in a timely manner. We won’t have to wait a year for an update and we know that the update will be stable.

The MS fanboys will have their 15 minutes of fame but their joy will be short lived. Apple will fix what needs to be fixed and Microsoft will still be pushing out a second rate operating system.

iPhone owners fear not. The update will be here in shortly and all will be good.

Bottom line is that Apple is far more responsive to fixing issues then Microsoft and that is why I find no cause to worry.

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