iPhone Software Update May Fix Frustrating Bugs

When Apple released its iPhone 2.0 software earlier this month, CEO Steve Jobs said it would provide the best user experience and the most advanced software platform for a mobile device. However, glitches in the software are leaving users frustrated, with a laundry list of complaints.

Apple launched its App Store just before it released the iPhone 3G, which uses the 2.0 software. Users of both the iPhone 3G and the first-generation iPhone upgraded with the 2.0 software can buy and download apps created by third-party developers.

Strong Expectations

The 2.0 software was also supposed to allow subscribers to Apple’s $99-a-year MobileMe service (formerly called .Mac) to seamlessly share e-mail, calendars and contacts between iPhones, PCs and Macs. It was billed as compatible with Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers.

Instead, users are reporting crashes, slow synchronizations, and unexpected reboots with both the iPhone software and downloaded applications. Some users have reported sync times of 30 minutes, plus problems with GPS and Bluetooth. Other problems have been screen freezes, long iTunes backup times, and dropped applications.

Users have found some relief in deleting and then again downloading applications, but this is a temporary fix because the deleted apps return on the next sync. A more reliable fix has been to update the iPhone directly through the App Store or from iTunes instead of through the iPhone.

Update on the Way

Relief could be on the way as Apple distributes an iPhone 2.1 software update to developers. That version may include fixes for the reported bugs, though some observers are speculating there could be a special 2.01 update.

The update is also expected to include an improvement to the GPS feature, which currently reports a user’s location. Reportedly, the new version will add velocity and direction, which could be the start of turn-by-turn guidance.

Apple said 10 million apps were downloaded in the first weekend for the App Store. And chief financial officer Timothy Cook told analysts that one million iPhone 3Gs were sold in three days after the July 11 launch, compared to 74 days to sell one million of the first-generation iPhones.

Via Yahoo

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