The ignoramus is at it again

Once again Jackass is talking out of his ass with regards to the new iPhone. In his latest work of fiction he goes down the list of features that the iPhone has and comments on Apples solution to cut down on battery drain. He then ends his diarrhea of the mouth by saying why would anyone want to buy one.

What he fails to tell you is that these same principals apply to his beloved Windows Mobile devices. Take a look at any Windows Mobile device or, for that matter, any device that has GPS, 3G, Push or Pull email and you will have the same power issues. The Tilt is a perfect example of this as well as the Diamond to name but a few. Hell take it a step further. ANY device that works on a battery has to be managed.

The real issue here is that you have this clown trying to push his own agenda. He does not buy any units to review, he has  never used an iPhone for an extended period of time. He does not work on the road, so he does not have a clue as to how mobile professional use these devices, nor does he work in a professional environment.  Tell me how he can speak intelligently on these topics!

The problem with him is that he could care less about accurate reporting. He only wants to get free products and tout himself as a mobile expert. Fortunately there are a lot of us out there that see through his bullshit and call him out on his fictional tales.

If he truly cared about the community at large he would be up front and honest. He never discloses how he gets the product and he never has a bad thing to say about anything he reviews. What does that tell you?

Truth be told that Apple is right. If you want to conserve battery power you need to manage your device and use some of the features when needed. This holds true for just about every device out there. The fact that he spins it negatively with regards to the iPhone is wrong.

My suggestion to him would to be to go out and get an iPhone and use it for a week or two to get a feel for the device and its pro’s and con’s. Then just maybe you might be able to speak to the device intelligently. That is, of course, if you get your head out of Microsoft’s ass.

I guess I can take solace in the fact that nobody really takes you seriously except yourself.


2667813222_cdefeda0e7Dave Ciccone posted this PC World story regarding the iPhone battery:

Now this is a really interesting test PC World just conducted.  Apparently those who thought the Apple iPhone’s battery tests would fail miserably they were wrong. It beat the HTC Touch Dual, Samsung Instinct and numerous other phones that PC World has tested.


 James Kendrick gets it too:

I can state with absolute certainty that the battery life I am getting on the iPhone 3G is as good as any other 3G-capable phone I have used.  This flies in the face of what you might be seeing others say on the web the past few days but I have no beef with the battery life I am getting.

So, Jackass, you want to try this again? I doubt you will but this gives us more proof of your incompetence and sneaky ways

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