Dave Ciccone "Windows Mobile enthusiasts up to the bashing again of the iPhone 3G"

Dave has an interesting take on some of the more ill informed Windows Mobile enthusiasts.

Looks like some of the Windows Mobile enthusiasts are up to their creepy bashing of the iPhone 3G. Now it is quite funny that I am writing this since I AM a Windows Mobile enthusiast but the difference is that I am not biased. Today I noticed a story over at MobilitySite where Chris Leckness was complaining about two things.. battery life and third party apps. Now if you read his blog you will see he loaded a version of 2.0 that was NOT the official release by Apple. This firmware was one that was hidden on Apple’s website that clearly was not final build. Now everyone should also note that he is running the 1st Gen iPhone also. He also clearly stated the battery was dead by 4pm. If you look around the web you will read that many people who loaded this firmware were having similar issues as he was. The second issue he complains about are stupid third party applications for the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong but last time I checked there are even more stupid apps for Windows Mobile which he clearly has never documented. This is a guy who clearly bashed Apple for not supporting developers and allowing third party apps to be installed on the iPhone. Oh yea he also complained about no Microsoft Exchange support which clearly he breezes right over and never gives credit for a fantastic implementation of Exchange push. So my question is when are these enthusiasts going to fairly report facts? 

Via David Ciccone

Unfortunately here is another case of these particular sites and people not telling the whole story. I have said it before and I will say it again you have to take sites like that with a grain of salt. The fact of the matter is they worry more about pissing off Microsoft or losing their MVP status then accurate reporting.

Par for the course for these guys….

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