Talking out of his ass again

Well it took longer then I expected but Jack is already talking trash about the new iPhone. Remember this is the same moron who was sporting a woody in the parking lot of the AT&T store when the iPhone first came out. He sounded like a school girl when he was fondling the iPhone in the trunk of a car at the mall. It was unsettling to see a grown man act that way.

He calls us suckers for buying the original iPhone. Well that might be his opinion but at least we are not the laughing stock of the mobile community like he is. Being on the leading edge of technology has a price and fortunately we have the capital to be able to get these devices.

From a technical standpoint the guy has no clue on how the device works. He will sing the praises of a Windows Mobile device sight unseen, however, since this does not run Windows Mobile it is junk. I bet he would sing its praises if he were able to get on for free.

Instead of doing the responsible thing and actually use the device and speak to its pros and cons he would rather talk out of his ass.

As always take what he says with a grain of salt. His agenda is to fill his “gadget bag” with free products. He kisses the asses of people and companies that might give him something  and has a blatant disregard for the people that read the sites he is associated with. What a guy! 

He will never be taken seriously by real enthusiasts and everytime he posts stories like this he shows his ignorance.

Jack everyone yawns when it comes to your site and stories.

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