The relaxed professional – What a joke!

Jack has produced another infomercial for the latest freebie that has arrived at Geriatric Junction. As usual this product gets 5/5 review.

The problem with this review, as well as all of his other reviews, is that we don’t know what to believe. Did he buy this product or was it given to him. There is no disclosure so we don’t know what his agenda is.

From the looks of the product it is made nicely and in all likelihood a quality product. However, given his track record one can’t be sure because he is not forthcoming on how he obtained this product.

Lastly he tries to give the reader the impression that he is a road warrior which is clearly not the case. See my earlier post, The wannabe road warrior, regarding this topic.

As reviewers and Blogger’s we have the responsibility of reporting honestly on what we review. It does our community no good if people are not forthcoming on the reviews they write. This is a disservice to the community as well as to the company that makes the product.

I guess some people don’t feel the same obligation.

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