10 Things the new iPhone must have for it to be a worthwhile upgrade

Chris has a great post over at his site Mobile Tech Addicts regarding the new iPhone. It is well worth the read. If you have some time check out Chris’s site.


So while waiting for the release of the new 3G iPhone I thought of ten things that are a must in the new version of the iPhone and here they are:-

1) Obviously 3G but for me it has to be at least 3.6mb/s HSDPA.

2) Improved camera, lets be honest the current one is awful.

3) Copy and paste, this is a huge miss by Apple.

4) MMS messaging, its been around for a while and is handy sometimes and should be on the iPhone.

5) Forwarding of SMS, again a big miss for me.

6) More Bluetooth functionality, like A2DP and ability to connect with a GPS receiver.

7) Third party apps, again this is a given.

8) Good battery life, if again its a non removable battery we need good long life from it.

9) Over the air itunes and apps downloads or what’s the point of 3G.

10) and finally…..a reasonable price and data tariff

Via Mobile Tech Addicts

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