Vista Perfection 2.0

This might be the one and only time you see a stable Microsoft product. You might also see some of the Windows Mobile fan boys go out and get iPhones just IMG_0002copy so they can run this.

I saw this over at Mod My iPhone and it looks nice. I would not ruin the look of my iPhone but if you would like to have the Microsoft look and feel with the stability of the Apple OS this might be for you.

Included with the theme…

  • Over 90 Icons
  • More Better And Sharper Dock Icons
  • Wifi Icon
  • Boot And Restore Images
  • More Dock Icons (Text,Installer,..Ect..)
  • Categories Icons
  • Badges
  • Sliders
  • Edge Icon
  • Vista Login/LogOff (Unlock/Lock) Sound Scheme
  • Dock
  • Status Bar
  • Revamped TaskBar
  • LockScreen Wallpaper
  • Highlight Mask
  • Bottom Bar


Check it out over at ModMyiPhone

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