ProClip Rocks!!!

I recently purchased a new car and so I needed a new solution to mount my iPhone. Instead of going out an buying a generic holder I decided to purchase a ProClip solution.

Ordering a solution from ProClip is a two step process. You have to choose the  mount and the holder. I like the way Pro Clip does this because it gives you the ability to put together the perfect solution for your needs.

My car is a PT Cruiser and ProClip has two mounting options. The first is the mount (2) Center Mount which attaches on the upper mid section of the dashboard. Since I have windshield mounted GPS I didn’t think that this would work for me. The second option was the Angled Mount that attaches on the right side of the center console and the face plate is angled towards the driver. I liked the look of this and chose this mount.

Now it was time to select which holder I wanted. ProClip offers a variety of holders and the one I chose was the Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel. I wanted to be able to have the ability to angle the phone so I could get the best view. My  other concern is that I wanted to be able to use this when the new iPhone comes out. Not knowing if the size of the iPhone will change I wanted to be sure I selected a solution that could accommodate it. I chose the second day delivery option and anxiously awaited the arrival of my Pro Clip order.


Installing the ProClip solution was easy. I had to connect the holder to the mount which was easy. The mount is predrilled and the holder easily bolts on to the iphone mount mount. Mounting the unit in the car was simple. The mount is designed to clip onto the dashboard and fits snug. The mount also has double sided tape to make sure that the mount is secure.

Once the unit was installed I adjusted it for my iPhone which is in a Contour Showcase case and it fit like a glove.

Does it work?

I wanted to make sure that this was going to work for me. I took the PT out for a ride and found some of the worst roads in my area to put the ProClip to the test. I am happy to report that the holder held my iPhone securely and the phone did not move at all. 

The Bottom Line

The ProClip solution is not cheap. The mount was $29.99 and the Adjustable mount&radio Holder was $39.99. I know that this is expensive but you have to take into consideration that the solution was tailor made for both my car and my phone. Both the mount and the holder are made of high quality materials which should last a very long time. Installation was a snap and it looks great. I have no problem paying this kind of money for good quality products.

If you are looking for a custom mounting system for your devices I highly recommend ProClip.

You can find out more about Pro Clip by visiting the Pro Clip website here.


Via Steve Trotto.com

The ProClip solution reviewed in this story was purchased by the author

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