Mobility Today Podcast #109

Our weekly podcast is available. You can use our Itunes feed here.Now you should2494146642_00057ed5a6_m be all set to automatically download any of our podcasts on the fly. Just like setting up a season pass in tivo. If you would not like to use an aggregator you can download the direct link by right clicking here.

Tonight Dave, Steve, Jerry, Chris and Mike discuss the latest iPhone rumors along with the Blackberry Thunder and Bold… Another Live show!


Show Notes

Guest Host: Michael Manna

T4 Show

T4 Podcast

3G Iphone release June 9th?

iPhone vs Blackberry comparison

Blackberry Thunder?

Refurbished iPhones Still Contain Previous User Data

HTD Diamond not support 850mhz

Jawbone 2.0 Release with Iphone?

AT&T to Boost 3G to 20 Mbps

Palm Treo 800 & 850 Pics surface

Mike has the Sprint Centro

Tilt WM 6.1 Sneaked Out

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