What does he have to gain?

Well another Jack review has hit the Internet and as usual it is another puff piece. You can literally interchange the products and the reviews he has done over the years because are all the same.
Granted there are a lot of good quality devices that he has reviewed, but what I find hard to believe is that he has never come across anything bad.

Isn’t the whole concept of reviewing a product to let your readership know the pro’s and cons of the product? Sure there are some products that will merit a great review but I find it hard to believe that everything he looks at is great.

So that leaves the question what his his agenda? Is it that he is afraid to say anything against a product for fear of not getting any other product to review? Could it be that he doesn’t want the freebies to stop coming? Whatever it is I don’t think it is right. If a company produces a sub par product the reviewer has the responsibility to point out the shortcomings as well as the good features of the product. In a lot of cases a company wants to know what these “experts” think of a product so they can address any issues and make a better product.

An honest reviewer should not be afraid to give his unbiased opinion and state the facts. If the company does not like it that should not be the reviewers concern. The fact of the matter is that a good reviewer has the best interest of his audience in mind, not the company that produces the product.

Of course if the reviewer has his own agenda then all bets are off.

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