TouchPal Version 3.0 for Windows Mobile

CooTek has released version 3.0 of its popular TouchPal keyboard. image-thumb13

If you are a V2 user, you will find a lot of new features in V3. There are, however, two types of improvements: new platform (more invisible) and new features (more visible).

Each time we released a new version, we made some aggressive optimization in the platform and architecture. This time there’s also some big improvements:

  • The keyboard is now designed to support a variety of layouts. In addition to the two-key layout, we added the single-key layout and 9-key layout.
  • The “Flow” engine can detect your gesture and move up the keyboard. SDK tools for building language packs are now available. We will open it to limited partners who could help us develop more language packs.
  • Images are separated from the DLL and thus make the DLL file much smaller. This would help resolve the loading issue on some resource limited models.
  • The New Features

  • “Flow” your keyboard – You can switch layouts or turn pages by sliding left or right on the keyboard.
  • Skins are supported – You can download different skins or design your own skins. Press & hold – For those who don’t like sliding, now you can hold a key to expand all the possible characters.
  • Change priority of a word in dictionary, or delete a custom word.
  • Key press sound effect.
  • Prediction based on context – The prediction engine can now guess the word based on what you have typed. For example, if you typed “let” and then type for “us”, the word “us” will appear prior to “is”.
  • Next word prediction – If you typed “look”, the word “forward to” will be shown in the candidate list.

    Of course, this release fixed a bunch of bugs including the uninstall issue in the previous version.

    TouchPal V3 works in two modes: Standard mode and Professional mode. For the first 15 days after your download, it works in Professional mode with all advanced features enabled. But after the trial period expires, it switches back to Standard mode. You may purchase to upgrade to Professional for $12.98 USD

    via Mobility Today


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