Boy Raised By Wolves Shocked by iPhone’s Shortcomings -Just a Another iPhone Blog

This was just to good not to pass along. Patrick from Just Another iPhone Blog responds to an article written by Tim Hillebrand.

Tim Hillebrand – a Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine expert blogger – has written a post over at Mobility Site titled ‘A Stranger in a Strange Land: a Windows Mobile guy meets iPhone‘ which sets out to show how ’shocked’ the author was when trying out his brother’s iPhone and discovering all the things it just could not do.

The article includes some clear inaccuracies – like claiming there are no productivty apps for spreadsheet or document editing for the iPhone, no ebook readers etc. – along with the staged and stilted revealing of the many missing features.

Read Patrick’s entire article over at Just Another iPhone Blog 

It is obvious to me that a lot of Microsoft supporters feel threatened by the iPhone.

1 Response to “Boy Raised By Wolves Shocked by iPhone’s Shortcomings -Just a Another iPhone Blog”

  1. April 11, 2008 at 1:52 am

    Priceless this is just so funny, I always learned in sales that to rubbish the oposition only makes them stronger in the eyes of others, concentrate on what your good at but this kind of article just shows you they secretly they love the iPhone as they can’t stop talking about it.

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