iPhone to Get 3.5G HSDPA Functionality?

Apple’s just released an update to the iPhone beta firmware 2.0 which apparently points to the next generation 3G chip for iPhone. ZiPhone, known for it’s iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking, found a piece of code in the new firmware which mentions “SGOLD3,” which is very similar to the Infineon S-GOLD3H chip. The Infineon chip includes the latest type of 3G with updated HSDPA that runs at the international standard of 7.2 megabits per second. The chip does not feature the newest form of 3G that AT&T is utilizing in it’s new 3G roll out plan, HSUPA, which improves upload speeds. The chip does, however, support rumored features like live video recording and two way video calling. Again, this is all speculative, but the fact that the coding mentions something that resembles the chip is still something in a world where everyone desires a 3G iPhone.

Source blargKABOOM Via Mobility Today

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