The Microsoft fanboys are at it

They are already coming up with excuses as to why Windows Mobile 6.1 is not all that. I’ve heard it is only a dot upgrade and not a full blown OS so don’t go to hard on it. It has also been said that it would be hard to stop an update in the works to start a new one. I don’t buy it.

Can someone explain to me why Microsoft is not using the automatic update feature that came out with Windows Mobile 6? I thought that this was how we were supposed to get updates. Every time I try to use it there is nothing to update. Push the small updates through that pipe while you are working on the next version of the OS.

Windows Mobile has been getting its ass kicked since the iPhone came out and it is about time Redmond speeds things up and gets the next generation OS out.

If Microsoft wants to stay competitive in the Smartphone space they need to kick it up a notch or two. I’m not saying that Apple is going to take over the world with the iPhone but it is devices like this and others that are going to keep eating to Microsoft’s share of the market.

So it might be time for these people to stop making excuses for Microsoft and start putting a little pressure on them to make things better.

If you want to get another perspective on this listen to the MSMobiles Podcast with guest John C. Dvorak.

Oh, and for the record I own numerous Windows Mobile devices as well as the iPhone. I am currently using the Windows Mobile powered Tilt.

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