Windows Mobile 6.1 Released

That is the word on the street. While I like Windows Mobile I am still a little disappointed in the latest release. With the advent of the iPhone I was hoping that Microsoft would raise the bar.

Now some might say I am an Apple fan and this is true to a certain extent. The iPhone is actually the first Apple product that I have ever owned and I have to say I love the way the phone works and the OS rocks. It is solid. Sure the device has its short comings, but what device doesn’t. 

So the question is why do we bash or point out the problems with Windows Mobile. The reason is that we want better software. There is a lot of room for improvement with Windows Mobile as well as the iPhone OS. The reason that we push is to get these companies to innovate and give us a better product. I am sure the same will be true with Apple if they don’t continue to innovate.

The reason that the iPhone has really taken off is that it is innovative and and a breath of fresh air. I am hoping that Microsoft does take it to the next level. Competition is good for everyone especially the consumer.

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