I applaud you Jerry

Nice comment on the MOGO mouse over at sausage fingers site. As I expected those clowns over there came running to defend the device.

I have tried the device and don’t care for it. Mine had kick stand problems and got stuck in my laptop. I think it is a great concept but I don’t want to go through that again. For some this might be a great device and that is great to hear. Devices are personal and what works for one might not work for someone else. We give our opinions on our personal experiences and they are for informational purposes only.

It is also pretty good how Jack even got to kiss James ass with his comments. He always has an angle to his posts. He even got a dig in at the iPhone. We all know that if he could get one for free he would be all over it in a heartbeat.

So as with everything else these clowns say take it with a grain of salt. There are plenty of sites out there that tell it like it is and will give you the whole story.

At least Jerry has the balls to give his opinion which I value over those guys any day. Jerry always does his home work and will give you an honest opinion.

Unlike others Jerry has no agenda.

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