I’m not surprised that Jacko is a moron


Because of his stance on the iPhone. He can’t hack a Windows Mobile device so it is no wonder he does not understand the iPhone.

It is funny that he thinks that if you are using the iPhone you are being controlled by Apple. This just goes to show that he is not very intelligent. The iPhone can be customized as well as any Windows Mobile device. Just look at the sites and people that are dedicated to creating applications for this device. I don’t call that being controlled.

Even though the iPhone is in its infancy it won’t be long before it will be as feature rich as a Windows Mobile device.

His problem is that he lets his personal bias cloud his judgement. This coupled with the fact that he will never get one for free really frosts his ass.

I like both devices as well as both operating systems and I switch between them often. Both devices have their strengths and weaknesses and I can live with that.


Why would anyone listen to his bullshit is beyond me.

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