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Mozilla Plans Mobile Firefox by Year End

PC World is reporting that Mozilla is in informal talks with mobile operators about its mobile Firefox project, which the organization hopes will shake up the market as much as the introduction of the desktop browser did in 2004.

“Mozilla’s mission is to break open a closed market,” said Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla’s vice president of engineering, during a visit to London earlier this week. But “it won’t happen overnight.”

The impact, however, will be felt before year’s end. By then, Mozilla is aiming to release a mobile browser for two operating systems: embedded Linux and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

At this point, operators and carriers “want to know how much it will cost,” Schroepfer said. That’s an easy answer: mobile Firefox will be free, Schroepfer said.

But the introduction of a free mobile browser is potentially threatening to some operators. Some handset manufacturers and carriers rigidly control applications and services, maximizing their revenue by creating so-called “walled gardens” where only their own for-fee services can be accessed.

Those carriers will have to be wooed to allow their subscribers to download mobile Firefox. “I think that some carriers will basically fight this kicking and screaming, and some will embrace it and move ahead quickly,” said Christian Sejersen, who is head of Mozilla’s mobile engineering group in Copenhagen.

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Apple Set To Release iPhone Developer Kit

Apple on Wednesday sent out invitations to the media for a briefing on its “iPhone Software Roadmap,” which is expected to include information on the long-awaited iPhone software development kit.

The meeting, which is scheduled at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., may be an indication that Apple is highly unlikely to meet its self-imposed deadline of shipping the SDK to software developers by the end of February. Apple also said in the invitation that it would reveal “some exciting new enterprise features” for the iPhone.

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Crazy cook at it again

Another review of an accessory. This time it is 5 out of 5. How could a device have a perfect score if he lists cons? Well it was a Motorola device and he would not want to get Motorola upset at him. This would mean no more freebies and we can’t have than.

It must really get his goat that he does not get all of the cool gadgets that the other reviewers get.

So my advise to you is to do your homework and go to reputable sites that produce quality reviews. Doing this will give you all the info you need to make an informed decision. Stay away from the Slick Wilily types


Apple shares rise on optimism over iPhone demand

Shares of Apple Inc  rose more than 4 percent on Thursday amid optimism on Wall Street applenew1 that the maker of consumer favorites such as the iPod media player and iPhone can weather economic troubles.

The shares rose $5.46 to $128.42 in early trade on Nasdaq, a bright contrast to slumping broader markets weighed down by mounting U.S. recession fears.

The gains come one day after Apple affirmed its iPhone sales goal for this year and promised to give details of how outside programmers can create software for the device. The move is expected to spur demand for the Web-browsing and media-playing mobile phone.

Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey, after a meeting with Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook on Wednesday, said he continues to believe that “Apple’s industry-leading product cycles should help it overcome softer seasonality and sets the stock up for a strong second half.”

Although the shares have risen over the past two trading sessions, they are still a long way from recouping a 30 percent decline over the past three months. Investors have soured somewhat on Apple amid concerns that a slowing economy could hit sales of its Mac computers, iPods and iPhones.

Apple also said it will unveil new iPhone features aimed at businesses, potentially stepping up competition with Research In Motion Ltd’s (RIM.TO) popular BlackBerry devices.

Apple will detail the software road map for the iPhone on March 6 at its Cupertino, California, headquarters, the company said in an invitation sent to reporters.

When Apple launched the iPhone last June, it only allowed outside software developers to make Web-based programs, not ones that could be installed and run on the device itself.

Apple is likely to announce improvements that will spur more businesses to use the iPhone as a company phone, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said in a client note on Thursday, citing industry and developer sources.

“While near-term trends look difficult with a looming recession and a slowdown in consumer spending, we continue to believe Apple is well positioned to weather the storm better than most with its strong fundamentals,” Wu said.


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Google Sets Its Sites on Google Apps

Google today introduced Google Sites, an application that makes creating a team web sitelogo_google_jpeg as easy as editing a document. With Google Sites, people can quickly gather a variety of information in one place — including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text — and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, their entire organization, or the world.

“Creating a team web site has always been too complicated, requiring dedicated hardware and software as well as programming skills,” said Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager of enterprise, Google. “Now with Google Sites, anyone can create an entirely customized site in minutes and invite others to contribute. We are literally adding an edit button to the web.”

Creating and editing a set of pages in a Google Site requires no knowledge of HTML or web design skills. People can start a new page with one click. Adding content is as easy as clicking the edit button. Sharing is as simple as sending an invitation. All content is instantly searchable, and Google Sites is accessible through any web browser.

Anyone inside an organization can begin using Google Sites by signing up for Google Apps™ communication and collaboration services through Team Edition — without having to burden IT for support. After verifying their business or school email address, people can instantly invite others to join, or easily identify people within their organization already using Google Apps.

With Google Sites, people can create a wide variety of sites, such as:

  • an intranet to centralize company information;
  • a team site to manage a project;
  • a profile site including an individual’s resume, areas of expertise, and goals for the quarter; and
  • a virtual classroom to post homework assignments, class notes and other resources.

Google Sites is secure and scalable. Users have full control over who can own, collaborate and view pages, and view version history for each site. Google Sites is built to scale to any sized organization — from a five person start-up to a 50,000 person enterprise or university — and requires no hardware or software to buy, install, or maintain.

Additional features include the ability to:

  • Embed content from other Google products, including YouTube™, Google Docs™, Google Calendar™, and Picasa™
  • Upload files of any type
  • Customize a site’s look and feel

Google Sites is based on JotSpot™ technology and available in the Team, Standard, Premier, and Education Editions of Google Apps. If your business or school doesn’t use Google Apps, please visit and sign up for Team Edition with your work or school email address. Existing Google Apps administrators can enable Google Sites immediately from the Google Apps control panel.

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Sprint Launches Revolutionary $99.99 “Simply Everything” Plan

In an industry-defining move, Sprint  today announced it will launch a domestic unlimited Sprint pricing plan that gives customers unlimited voice, data, text, e-mail, Web-surfing, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS Navigation, Direct Connect and Group Connect for $99.99 a month. The new pricing plan is available to existing and new customers beginning tomorrow.

“This is a bold, unprecedented move,” said Dan Hesse, president and CEO, Sprint Nextel. “Wireless today is about much more than just voice. It is about data services – texting, email, video, pictures, music, navigation, surfing the Web and more. Customers want these applications, but without complexity and without having to worry about their bill. The $99.99 Simply Everything plan delivers it all right to the palm of their hand now.

“Today’s handsets are powerful data devices. Each day they get better, faster and easier to use with more intuitive user interface designs and full Internet access. Our high-speed networks were built with this in mind and it’s where we believe the battleground lies – offering fast access to the best content and data services. We are removing the barriers for customers to feel free to use all of the features of their phones.”

The $99.99 Simply Everything plan is available to customers on both Sprint’s CDMA and iDEN networks. Existing Sprint customers can switch to the Simply Everything plan without extending their current contract either by contacting Sprint customer service or by stopping by any participating Sprint retail location. New line activations require a two-year agreement.

For families, Simply Everything includes an incremental $5 discount for each incremental line, up to five lines on the same bill. For example, two lines would amount to $194.98 ($99.99 + $94.99); a third line would cost an additional $89.99. This is in sharp contrast to the multi-line unlimited rates offered by some competitors. The Sprint plan offers significant savings the more lines a customer adds.

The move to unlimited pricing that includes data signifies a turning point for the wireless industry. Nationally accepted measures of voice quality now show very little, if any, difference among the top wireless providers.

“All major carriers have good voice networks,” Hesse said. “Our network is about more than voice and more than just being the largest wireless data network. It is about allowing customers to connect with people, information and entertainment. It is about simplicity, usability and real value. The $99.99 Simply Everything plan eliminates overage surprises and provides a worry-free environment.

“Our investments in innovation and speed are becoming the new areas of differentiation. These are the areas where we perform best and where we can deliver a wireless advantage for our customers.”

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Local Celebrity

This is a picture of my son Craig, who is a Blackbelt in Karate, performing at a demonstration that was held on Presidents day. The local paper, The Tantasqua Town Common, was there and this photo made the front page. Way to go Craig!


Craig is the swordsman on the left.

Picture via The Tantasqua Town Common

Photography by Corey Fitzgerald