Wacko Jacko can kiss some serious ass

It is really sad to watch a grown man kiss ass the way Wacko Jacko, aka Slick Willy, does, it is truly pitiful. He posted another crappy video over at sausage fingers site and it plain sucks The quality is not that great. At least get a decent camera if you want to play video blogger.

Luckily these devices were announced some time ago so you can go to a quality website and see good pictures of them. This was really not an exclusive.

He also posted a story about meeting friends at CES. Since that is what going to CES is all about, friends, not tech. I bet he got a chubby touching fries again this year with a woman half his age;-) The poor woman has this, God I have to do this stupid pose again, look on her face.

My question is who would sponsor someone to go to CES who produces, in my opinion, crap. I think they could have spent their money on someone a little more professional.

Besides CES is over and nobody really cares about what you did 5 days ago. Tell us why did you not post any stories while you were there. Computer problems? LOL!!

Fries anyone? 

1 Response to “Wacko Jacko can kiss some serious ass”

  1. January 14, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    Steve it is quite amusing. One day people will realize him for who he is.

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