OtterBox Defender

I finally received the OtterBox Defender for the Apple iPhone and I have to say I like this DSC02347 case a lot. Honestly there is nothing that I can add to any of the other reviews that have already been done, but I can give you my impressions.

This case provides more than adequate protection and looks great. I especially like the holster that is shipped with the case. It is made from high quality materials and provides a snug fit for the iPhone. I feel confident that my iPhone is well protected.

I read that it was tricky taking the iPhone in or out of the case but I have not experienced any issues there. I found removing the phone from the case very easy. I am not even sure why you would even want to remove the phone once it is in the case.

I know the folks at OtterBox are not going to like this next statement but I find the DSC02348 membrane that covers the screen to be absolutely useless. The issue is that it does not actually touch the screen so it is a little difficult to get the iPhone to respond at times.

However there is a simple fix that guarantees that the iPhone screen will respond. I simply took a razor and cut the membrane out.  I know this voids any warranty but it makes using the device so much easier and in its place I installed an invisible shield. I am very confident that this combination of products will protect my iPhone very well.

This is the first product that I have ever purchased from OtterBox and I would not DSC02349 hesitate to purchase other products or recommend them to people that are looking for rugged cases.

The OtterBox defender that I purchased retails for $49.95. However if you search for promotional coupons you can save some serious money.       

The Defender is available from OtterBox

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