AT&T Tilt – My Thoughts

images-thumb I wanted to take this opportunity to share my thoughts regarding the AT&T Tilt. I have been using the Tilt for about a week and I have to say that I have been  enjoying it. I still love my iPhone but as I have stated numerous times it is not as robust as a Windows Mobile device.

If you want an in depth review of every function of this device then I suggest you read other reviews or perhaps watch a  boring un-boxing. I am going to look at this device from a functional standpoint and how it serves my needs.

I have to preface this review by telling you that I am not running the stock AT&T ROM on this device. I found that the AT&T ROM was slow and somewhat buggy. This occurred even after I used the hack that does not load the bloatware that the carrier loads on the device.

At first I thought that this was a hardware issue but it turned out to be software. The problems that I found was that the software was not very responsive. I would hit the X to close a program and it would just site there as if frozen. I would have to click a few times to get it to work. I also found this to be true when trying to open functions on the Today Screen. I don’t think this is a Microsoft problem since the cooked ROM I am using obviously is running the same operating system. I would attribute it to an issues in the factory ROM.

At the time of this writing the applications that I am running on the Tilt are as follows:

Skype OZ Communications IM
SPB Shell Custel Mobile Crack
SPB Backup JUVS Enlarged Start Menu
Cyberon Voice Dialer Shayd wireless today plug-in
Google Maps Dr. Puttingham Samsung Time

All applications are loaded in main memory and I have a 2GB micro SD card for storage.


The ROM I am running was developed by one of the talented folks, Custel,  over at XDA Developers.

For a device to work for me it only has to do a few things well.

  • Receive email from 4 accounts
  • Have good calendar and task functionality
  • Superior phone
  • Good browsing capabilities
  • Great battery life
  • Decent processor performance

I am not concerned about camera functionality or quality.  I realize that for some this is important so I will give you my impressions.

The Camera is ok, it is nothing like the one on the iPhone but for me a camera is a nice option to have but I don’t use it enough for it to make a difference.
However,  I found that you have to adjust the white balance to get a good picture.



The Tilt runs Windows Mobile so email is not an issue. I use IMAP, POP, and have my corporate email pushed to the device. They all work as advertised and I find that most of the problems that folks have with email are on the server end of the equation and not the device. This also includes the calendar and task functions.


The phone is very good. I found that either holding to my ear or using the Speakerphone the call quality was excellent. The same holds true for pairing it with a Bluetooth headset. I use the Jawbone and it worked as well as the iPhone. I know that there is a fix for some Bluetooth issues but I have not applied this patch nor have I experienced any of the problems.

The Radio in the device is great. I live on the fringe of the network and I have not lost a call as of yet and I find that it is more sensitive than other devices. I actually get 3 bars with this device.


As we all know PIE cannot hold a candle to Safari but all in all it is sufficient for what I use it for.  Of course it helps that the device runs on AT&T’s 3G network so the speed is terrific.


This is the biggest drawback to this device. Battery life is not that great. I have noticed that the battery has gotten better over time but I still have to charge the unit every night. With heavy use I have to charge it to get through the day. I am seriously looking at getting an extended battery.


This device rocks! It is by far the fastest Windows Mobile device I have ever used. The device can run multiple applications with ease and even Skype works great over WiFi and 3G. I have no complaints here.


The GPS is impressive. It takes very little time to lock onto the satellites and it is very accurate. I use Google Maps and have not had any issues. Compared to other device the Tilt is superior. I have used some devices that if running the GPS and a call comes in the unit locks up and has to be soft rebooted.


Fast Processor
Great GPS
Nice form factor
Tilt Screen


Horrible Battery life
Factory ROM
No carry case included


This is the best Windows Mobile device that I have ever used and I consider it a keeper. I am going to buy one of these units for my personal use. However I do believe that some people will not be happy with the performance of this device with the Factory ROM. I strongly suggest using one of the cooked ROMS that are available.

With that being said, flashing the ROM is not for the feint of heart and before doing so read all of the pros and cons to doing this. There is a potential of doing serious damage to your device and it will probably void your warranty.

The Tilt is a real powerhouse and is a great device for the business traveler. Just be sure that you get an extended battery.

Special thanks to AT&T for providing this review unit.

2 Responses to “AT&T Tilt – My Thoughts”

  1. February 25, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    Having serious problems with this phone locking up!!! Where can I find some of these ROMs you discuss??? Am praying a different ROM might resolve lock up problem, even if it is still a bit slow!!!

  2. February 25, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Robert Head on over to XDA-Developers. There are many ROMS to choose from and they work a lot better than the stock ROM.


    Look under Kaiser

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