Tiny Twitter, if you must!

If you are addicted to Twitter and want to be able to Twitter from Windows mobile device have we got the app for you!

Geekzone is reporting that users of Windows Mobile and Java-enabled mobile devices can follow their Twitter in on-line now. Developer Kevin Cawley has released an updated version of TinyTwitter, a software that allows users to send – and receive – twitters while on the go.

Features include:
– Automatically updated follower timeline
– Automatically updated inbox (direct messages)
– Delete all or single tweets
– One click replies (@) and direct messages from the timeline
– Quick access to see a follower’s timeline
– Access links embedded in tweets
– Hide friends (Java only)
– Settings to customize the update interval and UI appearance
– And of course most importantly send tweets!!!
The application uses the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 on Windows Mobile devices, and Java in other platforms.
Tiny Twitter will work on Windows Mobile devices (both Smartphone and Pocket PC), Nokia devices, RIM Blackberry handhelds, and pretty much any other mobile device that is Java enabled.
Users can download the application directly on their mobile devices by pointing their browser to the http://m.ttwt.at page.

Via Geekzone

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