AT&T Free Directory Assistance Goes Coast to Coast

You never know when a need will strike — for a pizza, a plumber, a car mechanic att411 or any one of a number of nearby services. Being able to locate local listings such as these makes life a little easier. And now, AT&T Inc.  has announced that callers coast to coast can get free directory assistance thanks to a new service, AT&T 1-800-YellowPages.

The easy-to-use service, which has rolled out to several markets in 2007, is now available from every wireline and mobile phone in the United States. The service gives consumers free access to business listings while providing advertisers the opportunity to reach buyers at a critical moment in their purchasing decisions.

Callers simply dial 1-800-YellowPages (1-800-935-5697) from any area code in the United States and then tell the prompt what they’re looking for — a particular business or a type of business within a particular city. The caller will hear a few short audio advertisements, usually from businesses in the category of the requested listing. Then the caller will get the listing they asked for, and, in many cases, can choose to be connected directly to the requested business at no additional charge.

“People want information in a variety of ways, and making 1-800-YellowPages available nationally is an important step in providing to not only advertisers but also consumers, a wide range of choices for finding what they need,” said David S. Huntley, senior vice president of AT&T Customer Information Services. “From traditional 4-1-1 service to this new, easy-to-use, free service, we are committed to getting people the information they want — whenever, wherever and however they want it.

” The service gives local and national advertisers several options for reaching consumers: Category, Requested Listing, Redirect and Sponsorship Ads. AT&T 1-800-YellowPages bolsters AT&T’s industry-leading portfolio of services that provide local and nationwide residential and business information to consumers and advertising solutions to national and small businesses. In addition to offering a premier, caller-paid directory- assistance service, AT&T owns the world’s largest print Yellow Pages publisher in terms of revenue and publishes more than 1,250 Yellow Pages books, which are referenced about 4 billion times annually. Additionally, AT&T’s YELLOWPAGES.COM Network received more than 1 billion local searches in 2006, and is on track to significantly better that rate in 2007.

Additional information is available at http://www.att.com/1800yellowpages.

Via PRNewswire

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