Going full Tilt

That’s right  I was fortunate enough to get a Tilt courtesy of AT&T and I will be using it for the near future. Since I have been using the iPhone for quite some time now I was amazed at how thick and heavy this device is. However I really like the design with the slide out keyboard and tilt screen.

I have loaded the device with all of my favorite Windows Mobile applications and have been pretty happy with the performance. I have noticed that it is not as fast as the iPhone with regards to responsiveness but it is a lot quicker then some of the Windows Mobile devices I have used in the past.  Another great feature is the 3G speed. This is truly a great advantage and allows for a better browsing experience.

I have not done much hacking to the device yet. However thanks to Mickey, The Cell Phone Junkie, I have been able to prevent the carrier specific applications from loading on the device. It is a simple process which entails doing  a hard reset, then, when the phone comes back up, you’ll see a a screen that says  “in 3 seconds we will customize your device”.  Before the 3 seconds is up, do a soft reset.  This will prohibit the ROM from being loaded that has all the AT&T applications.

the other change I made was to load the HTC home screen that comes standard on the TyTN II. I like the look of this and it works without any issues on the Tilt.

I will share more of my impressions of this device as I put it through it’s paces.

See we all have not sworn off Windows Mobile devices.

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