Who needs a stylus for the iPhone

I saw a couple of sites talking about the stylus for the iPhone. My question is who needs a stylus? I have had no problems using the iPhone for the past four months without a stylus. I suppose some folks might prefer it but I rather like the idea of not having to worry about using it or loosing it. If it were a Windows Mobile device with a small screen then a stylus would be a must, but the iPhone has such a large and nice screen I see no need for it.

I know some people whine, that would be Jack I don’t know how to use the iPhone Cook,  about getting finger prints on the iPhone but it really is no more of a bother then any other device with a screen. They all get smudges from not using a stylus or holding it against your face so I don’t see what the big deal is. You should be cleaning your device frequently anyway. Who wants to use a dirty device!

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