Contour Showcase

If you have read this blog or Mobility Today you know by now that I am an iPhonecc fan. Since getting the iPhone I have been on the search for the perfect case. The cases I have used thus far have been pretty good, however, I was at the Apple store and picked up the Contour Showcase.

The Contour actually comes in two pieces. The case that holds the iPhone and the holster that the case snaps into and clips on your belt.


I have been using this case for a month and it has taken a beating. The case is made of hard plastic that is covered with a thin layer of rubber. This is the perfect combination to protect the iPhone. The holster is made of hard plastic and is very sturdy. Another nice feature if the holster is you can either face the DSC01764 iphone in or out.

What I like about this case is that I have access to all of the iPhone’s controls as well as the charging port. It does not add much weight or size to the iPhone. The iPhone still feels great in your hand, actually it feels better since you can now have a firm grip on the unit. The only drawback is that you cannot use the dock  but that is not a concern for me.

When reviewing any product I want to make sure that I have really put it thought its paces. As you can see from the photo I have clearly used and abused this case. You can see the scuffs and scratches that are on the case from my daily use. When looking at the case head on these really can’t be seen. This goes to show the abuse that this case can take. Without this case my iPhone would not be in the great condition it is now.

The only feature that I don’t like is that I have a hard time turning the silent function back on. The switch is just a little to close to the side of the case to get my finger in there to turn it on.

The Contour Showcase retails for $34.95 and is available at the Apple Store. For more information on this case head on over to the  Contour Case website.

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