Apple confirms international 1.1.2 iPhone update to Pocket-lint

In a meeting this morning with the UK Apple press team, it was confirmed to Pocket-lint that version 1.1.2 will be an international update on Friday 9th November for all iPhone owners.
Although the time could not be confirmed, iPhone owners who sync their device with iTunes tomorrow in the States will be presented with the option to upgrade to the new firmware.
Among other things, the update brings wider language support with international keyboards and special character keys, and access to The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots for UK users.
Apple would not comment, but it is widely believed that this update will re-lock any unlocked iPhones, so any renegade Apple mobile owners are advised caution.


Via Pocket-lint

Update: The clown over at experience senility states:

So of course that begs the question: “will all those poor souls that have gone through the unlocking process over and over and over again have to do it yet one more time?”  Most likely! So CAUTION is in the wind….

As usual Jack is talking out of his ass. From what I have seen he does not have any experience with the iPhone and cannot speak intelligently about the device.

The fact of the matter is that  I can jailbreak my iPhone and install all the app’s I want in under 30 minutes. Furthermore, since the platform is so stable I don’t get any lockups and the applications don’t slow the device down, unlike a Windows Mobile device. I would much rather go through a process like this because I know that the phone will work just fine until the next update.

The iPhone has been an incredibility stable device. The bottom line is that it just works, plain and simple. I don’t have to worry about memory management, dealing with and purchasing additional memory cards or running nightly backups like I have had to do on all of my Windows Mobile devices. I can get all of my email, corporate included, without issue.  The applications that are developed for the device work and work well. This device has been the most trouble free, low maintenance device that I have ever owned.

Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy using Windows Mobile devices and as I have stated before the Windows Mobile OS, at this point in time, is still more robust. However,  If the Windows Mobile OS was half as stable as the iPhone OS Microsoft would make a killing.

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