The Internet is full of idiots!!!

And this is a perfect example of one. Our good friend Jack made the following statement with regards to the latest news that the new iPhone firmware has been cracked.

I can just see the sweat finally clearing up from the brows of all those iPhone users that went the extra yard to get real usability from their coveted iPhones.  It sure is a lot of work just to get a device to work …

This from a wannabe tech blogger. This is the same person who would not think of attempting to hack anything for fear of messing it up, yet he considers himself an expert.

Obviously he does not follow what is going on out there or he would have know that this was inevitable. There are a very talented bunch of people out there working on cracking the iPhone and we all knew it would only be a matter of time before they succeeded. I guess Jack does not consider all the hacks and tweaks that one has to do to a Windows Mobile device just to make stable, hacking.

Oh well, at least we don’t have him spouting this crap at Mobility Today anymore. He is Mobility Site’s problem now.

Just goes to prove that it takes all types.

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