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LG Voyager specs are out

Phonenews got their hands on the data sheet for the new LG Voyager.They say voyager that this device does feature an HTML web browser, this is not the type of browser you would find on a device like iPhone. In fact, it’s the same scaled-down HTML browser that many Sprint phones use (made by Teleca), and only really performs well on xHTML mobile web sites

The data sheet is available here

Via Phonenews


AT&T 8525 WM6 ROM Upgrade

HTC has released a WM6 ROM upgrade for the AT&T 8525 with a ton of improvements.
Why update the ROM on your device?

The latest ROM version includes added features that will help you get more out of your device!

What is included:

  • New Daylight Saving Time rules.
  • Push To Talk
  • Cellular Video
  • “Wireless Modem” is replaced with “Internet Sharing”.
  • AT&T Music
    • Includes Music player, Shop Music, Music ID, Streaming Music, Music Video and Community.
  • Access to MediaNet via WiFi without having to change the device connection settings.
  • Network Icons have been updated:
    • Show E icon when EDGE is detected.
    • Show 3G icon when UMTS is detected.
  • X-Button application-
    • Allows the user to determine what the X button does when tapped (close program or minimize program). This will help the user manage available memory
  • Branding will be updated to reflect AT&T rather than Cingular.

The upgrade is available here


Red Sox Rolling Rally

I had to go into Boston today and while I was there I was able to get a great spot to watch the Red Sox rolling rally. We have had 5 of these in the last 7 years. 3 for the Patriots and 2 for the Sox.

Here is the video I shot of the rally. Enjoy!


Report: Google phone platform due out in mid 2008

Google will come out in mid-2008 with a mobile phone platform that incorporates a variety of Google online services and lets outside developers create applications, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The goal is to make Google applications and services as easily accessible on mobile phones as PCs so that the company can extend its advertising business to cell phones and other wireless devices. Google may announce its mobile platform within weeks, according to the Journal.

The Journal’s article, based on anonymous sources, is the latest of multiple reports over the past six months or so about Google’s plans for the mobile market.

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New Hype With Skype

Telephone calls across the Internet with eBay’s Skype service will soon be free of clunky headsets, computers and cables: the application is going mobile across Europe, thanks to a new “Skype Phone” from Hutchison Whampoa’s wireless subsidiary 3.

Britain will be the first country to try out the new phone on Friday, which will eventually be available across Europe and Asia by the end of the year. The handset will retail for $102.92 as part of a prepay package–or for free with a contract–and includes 3G functionality, a music player, wireless Internet and a 2 megapixel camera.

For more on this story head on over to Forbes


Leopard Hacked to Run on PCs

The cat and mouse game between hackers and Apple takes another move, with news that Apple’s new Leopard operating system has already been successfully installed on Windows PCs.

The OSx86 Scene forum has released details of how Windows users can migrate to Apple’s new OS, without investing in new hardware — even though installing Leopard on an PC may be counter to Apple’s terms and conditions.

The forum is offering full instructions on how to install the system, including screenshots of the installation process.

Not all the features of Leopard function with the patch — Wi-Fi, support, for example, is reportedly inoperable. Historically, Apple’s likely next move will be to track down and act against those behind the hack.

The move to make Leopard work on a PC is just the latest in Apple’s continual struggle with the hacker community.

You can read the whole story at PC World


Instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod touch

 installerThanks to a talented group of hackers we can in a matter of miuntes open these devices and start enjoying all the applications available for the iPhone.

To use it, open Safari and point your browser to (which we aren’t linking to so folks won’t install this by accident, but you are prompted to confirm). Once there, read the directions, scroll to the bottom, and tap Install AppSnapp. If Safari disappears and you return to the main Home screen, you’re good. Just wait a minute more for your unit to restart–don’t touch anything until you see the slide to unlock screen. If Safari hangs, just quit out (press and hold Home for 4-8 seconds) and try again.

Once you get to slide-to-unlock, go ahead and unlock your iPhone or iPod touch. You’ll return to your home screen which will contain a new icon. If you’ll want to ssh into your unit, install the BSD subsystem, Community Sources, and then install Open SSH–you may need to upgrade (thanks Ste). With Open SSH and sshfs (part of Mac Fuse), you can open Finder windows that offer direct drag and drop access to your phone or touch.

The jailbreak really is as easy as it sounds. I restored my iPod touch and jailbroke it just a few minutes ago and it worked great.