It’s already started

Ok so the new iPhone firmware won’t let you install 3rd party applications and people like Jack are running stories that it is so disappointing and that it is time to put the iPhone in the draw.

It is exactly this mentality that proves he really does not understand technology. As long as companies try to restrict access to products there will always be those that will work to break those restrictions.

I said it before and I will stand by it that the iPhone will be opened by Apple, eventually. Apple will get sick of fighting the hackers and will give up.

As far as his statement that Microsoft does it better. If you call poor memory management and soft resets of devices to keep them going doing it right then you are an ass! Jack is that why you have to carry two devices so you always have a backup when one locks up!

Well I suppose he has to say that in order to keep his MVP. This is first and foremost to him and, honestly, this is where he looses all credibility. Holding on to his MVP status is more important than being honest with his readers.

It is sad to see that some people don’t have the balls to stand up for what they think is right.  For them it is more important not to rock the boat then tell it like it is. These are the folks that you know have an agenda and you should take what they have to say for what it is worth. Nothing!

BTW I do agree that you would be disappointed if you had bought an iPhone. It means that you would have to pull your wallet out and actually pay for something.

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