Wa Wa Wa no Bluetooth on the iPod Touch

These guys will whine about anything or come up with any excuse not to buy a product to review. Remember their motto “if it’s free it’s for me!” Right Jack!

First he was bitching that he could not add a calendar event on the touch, now he is whining about the iPod touch not having Bluetooth. What iPod ever did have Bluetooth??? Seems like that is not that big of a deal seeing it is the best selling media device.

Yes, it would have been nice to have it but most of the media players out there don’t. Personally I like the wired headsets because of the sound quality. Both my Bose in-ear and QC3 headphones sound great and I don’t want to loose some of the quality just so I can be wireless.

This is just another attempt to take a shot at an Apple product. Why? Because he can’t get free units. If he could it would be a totally different story, Apple would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is obvious where their loyalties are because these are the same clowns that think the Zune is a great device.

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