Free Custom Ringtones in iTunes 7.4

Well you might not be able to get your full $200 back from Apple but here is a way to make up the difference. Now you can make your own ringtones for free! One of the forum members over at Mac Rumors has posted instructions on how to “convert” AAC music files to ringtones in iTunes 7.4.

He states that ringtones and song files are only distinguished by file extension. The file extension for Ringtones is “M4R”.

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Here are the instructions for creating your own ringtones. you can read the entire story along with screenshots at Mac Rumors.

Windows and Mac
1. To add a ringtone to your iPhone, using Windows Explorer or Finder just duplicate and rename any AAC file with a “M4R” extension, then double-click on it. This file will be added to your iTunes library automatically.
2. Now, click on your iPhone in iTunes, and go to the ringtone section. You should now see your new ringtone. If you want to be sure about the sync, feel free to click “selected ringtones” and check off the file explicitly, though this shouldn’t be required.
3. Now SYNC your phone. You’re Done!
Mac Notes
You have to make sure the actual extension is changed. The easiest way to make sure you are changing the extension is to use Command-I to “Get Info” on the file in Finder. Then change the extension in the “Name & Extension” field to “M4R”. Finder may ask you if you are sure you want to change the extension. Once you double click, the file should show up in the Ringtone area in iTunes.
It appears to work for both Protected and regular AAC files.
Update: Some people have had trouble deleting the ringtones once they are on their iPhone.
Warning: Note, if you have previously installed Ringtones with iToner, iPhoneRingToneMaker etc… then you will lose those ringtones if you upgrade to iTunes 7.4. A fix for iToner is coming.


Via Mac Rumors

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