Boy am I glad I didn’t buy it a week ago

Nice attempt  but as I already pointed out I bought the iPhone from a very good friend of mine at a reduced rate. I think you know my friend too. Remember he was the one you screwed over? I though that might jog your memory.  I have to give you credit for trying though. Keep it up, you might get lucky sometime.

We know that this would never happen to you. Why? Because that would mean you would have to put your hand in your pocket and actually PAY for something.  Editors Note: Unlike others, I don’t downsize my font when speaking my opinion. I have the balls to say what I mean so people can read it.

Hey when was the last time you actually did buy something that had to do with technology?  I bet they used an abacus to record your sale….

Have a great day!!

1 Response to “Boy am I glad I didn’t buy it a week ago”

  1. September 6, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    Steve what do you expect from a freeloader? Thats what he is..

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