Palm Sub-Laptop “Foleo” Delayed, Says Deutsche; Does Anyone Care?

Deutsche Bank analyst Jonathan Goldberg has a brief note out saying the Palm’s forthcoming “Foleo” computer, a kind of stripped-down laptop computer for Web surfing and email, has hit some snags. “In a round of checks yesterday we learned that the Palm Foleo will be delayed,” writes Goldberg, who has a Sell rating on Palm shars and a $14 price target for the stock.

“The product was supposed to hit Palm stores this week, but was delayed when software bugs were detected. These apparently included an inability to synchronize the Foleo with most models of the Treo, in particular the nominally high-volume Treo 680. Our contacts indicate Palm now expects the device will ship in late September/early October.”

No change to Goldberg’s estimates it seems. I wonder how many folks are actually waiting with bated breath for this gadget.( Editors note :The only one I know of is Jack) I’m curious about the thing, but the initial reactions of those who saw it demo’d this summer were terrible. Eric wrote on this blog back in June the following:

The consensus at the WSJ’s D: All Things Digital conference was that the Foleo was a monumental dud: Too pricey to be a companion to a cellphone, but not full-featured enough to replace a full-powered laptop. It didn’t help that Hawkins performed one of the all-time bad demos; he talked about the device for 10 minutes before actually demonstrating it; half-way through, people were streaming to the exits. It looked like the 7th inning of a blowout at Chavez Ravine.

Incidentally, Palm is also counting on adding more smartphones to its existing Treo series, with gadget sites recently posting pictures of what is rumored to be a $99 phone geared toward “the youth market” called the “Gandolf.”

Via Barron’s by way of CrunchGear

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