Another infomercial

Another freebie with a positive review!

This time Jack treats us to a two part video review of a Bluetooth headset. What is great about this review, besides being slightly out of focus and poorly lit, is that you get to hear somebody doing dishes in the background. Either he didn’t hear it or he was trying to add some soothing background noise. I especially liked the demonstration he gave calling his house. We never get to hear what the headset sounds like just his babbling on the phone.

In typical fashion Jack never finds anything wrong with the device, keep those freebies coming, but we are treated to his saying the device is slick. Thanks for working that in Jack!

The problem with this review along with all of his others is that we never get an honest opinion. Everything is just great and works fine. We all know that this is not the case and the pro’s as well as the con’s should be stated. How can people trust reviews that are all good?

Of course the manufacturer wants a favorable review, but if they truly care about their customer and product, they also want constructive feedback on the device so they can improve it. So why not tell the whole story?

Reviews like this do a disservice to the company that provided the product. People will go out and buy the product based on a review like this and might be disappointed because the product may have some shortcomings. This is not the way to get repeat business and build brand loyalty.

As reviewers of products we should give the whole story so our audience can make an informed decision. I know that reviews are mostly based on opinion and that some products do a great job right out of the box. My issue is how can anyone consistently find no problems with every device they review? 

As far as the manufactures are concerned If they do not like the review then so be it. At least we have done due diligence by giving our audience the truth becasue they are the folks that really matter.

2 Responses to “Another infomercial”

  1. 1 Jerry G.
    August 21, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    I know why he can’t find any “cons”….because he only reviews (gets freebies) of “Excellent” products.

    What a joker.

    I especially found it amusing that he mentions that he carries multiple devices all the time. WTF? What does a retired school teacher (ahem, Principal, whatever), that does a couple a blog posts a day, need to carry multiple devices. My one device, does work, personal, whatever…..

    What a joker.

    His “reviews” are sham. I called him out along time ago on MT. I saw right thru his BS…although at that time I didn’t know it was because he was getting free stuff.

    What a joker.

  2. 2 trotto
    August 21, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    I agree and that is why I think it is important that people know the truth.

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