Skype on iPhone is a Reality

SHAPE Services has announced the availability of IM+ for Skype for iPhone, the Safari web application for accessing Skype ecosystem from the mobile environment. The application is designed especially for iPhone’s touch screen and complements the design and interface of Apple’s masterpiece.


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 For a limited time IM+ for Skype iPhone version is being offered free of charge to all iPhone users. Now iPhone owners can log onto http://skypeforiphone.com using the device’s Safari web browser and talk with their Skype contacts or call any landlines and mobiles in a cost-efficient way.

“Noticing the public interest for Skype on iPhone, we decided to use our mobile IM and mobile Skype experience and develop an application for them; this has also been a move towards our IM+ for Skype platform coverage. It is truly easy and convenient to access and use.

We are looking forward to hearing some feedback from iPhone users”, said Igor Berezovsky, the company’s CEO. “No tweaks are necessary.” IM+ for Skype is the unique fully mobile application that uses SkypeOut credits for voice communication ensuring cost-effective calls to any number around the globe.

For users of Skype Unlimited and Skype Pro plans IM+ enables almost free calling from the mobile device to any PC with Skype or any landline/mobile number. IM+ for Skype is already available for BlackBerry RIM, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian and J2ME devices. The application works in any network and doesn’t require WiFi.

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