HTC error ships out pre-production units?

CompUSA sold out?

Well it looks like a major issue has plagued the HTC Advantage where HTC apparently shipped the wrong units for inventory to CompUSA. According to a review up on CompUSA”s site the user states, “My software said “test only, not for sale” each time the unit was turned on- which is the reason I called tech support. Turned out that all I had to do was update the software using my home computer. But I think my unit was one of the first that was shipped. Hopefully they’ll fix that issue before the next shipment.”

When we checked inventory in our NY Metropolitan area we were told it was sold out.. Now it looks as if online orders are sold out possibly due to the preproduction shipping error!

Source: CompUSA
UPDATE#1: We were just informed that users are complaining about this at Amazon too!!
UPDATE #2: WOW it looks as if this is larger than we last anticipated. People over at theHTC Wiki are complaining too!..

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