Jack Cook you aren’t an expert…. Sorry!

Dave has a great post and he is dead on in his comments. It looks like Jack is grasping at straws because he can’t really  speak intelligently about mobile devices. As Dave says first it’s a toy and now it’s not manly, what’s his next excuse going to be?

So I guess  what Jack is saying is that if your a FEMALE you should not use any other device just the iPhone Or if your a man and carry an iPhone you might not be a real man.  Sounds like your going to alienate a lot of people with statements like that.

Here is Dave’s story.

The more I read what Jack Cook writes on Mobility Site and or Experience Mobility the more I realize the man has not a clue .. I would like to respond to each of his delirious comments about the iPhone..

Of course, we all know that AT&T’s performance in the “burbs” is less than stellar so total and quick access can (and will) be a continuing issue.

What in the world are you talking about Jack? The only place you couldn’t get a solid signal was in Maine in your second house. I personally have used EVERY provider and have traveled over 320,000 airline miles in the last 24 months and can honestly say AT&T/CINGULAR has been ROCK solid..


And the device is super expensive which is fine but Apple decided that they wanted to make a killing and they convinced AT&T that is is the right thing to do … but is it?

Now you are really stretching it.. How much was your Palm Treo 700w with Verizon? According to Engadget the Treo 700w was priced at $499.95!!! So what is the price of the 4GB iPhone? So I guess you DON’T mind buying super expensive phones too )

As we were driving back from our vacation in Pennsylvania last week, we stopped at a rest area to have lunch. As we were sitting at the table, I was checking my feeds on my Palm and a fellow sitting at the next table asked how I liked the device. The conversation eventually moved onto the iPhone and he said he didn’t have one but his wife did so when she got home, he got to play with the device. He liked it, said it was cool but it would not fit his needs (he had a Blackberry). It didn’t hit me then but I did feel that it seemed like a strange scenario. You get to play with the device in the evening when your wife gets home…. well, I really didn’t think too much about it. He did talk about all the great things you can do with it … but he didn’t have one for himself, so I guess it really is not all that great.

I guess you stalking out the AT&T Stores and asking people if they would trade you for your Verizon 700w wasn’t too strange eh? Whats wrong if the guy enjoyed using his wife’s iPhone when he got home? Why if he uses a Blackberry couldn’t he get the iPhone to work with his environment? He could you know that right? Maybe not…

So I let that pass and went on with life as usual. Dealing with my JasJar, KJAM, Cingular 8525, Nokia N95 … all great devices. Along with them I use my Palm 700W (which is always with me) and my Palm 750. I switch devices almost every day … I like them all.

Of course you like them all!! THEY WERE FREE…. Also whatever “problems” you spoke about with AT&T and their service I guess you have with your “FREE” Treo 750 right? Oh sorry the JasJar (you bought that for $100) through the Microsoft MVP program.. The KJAM was free since you did a video for Andrew Brown to show your unboxing experience, the N95 was given to you by the PR company… So comon Jack nothing wrong with full disclosure right?

The Kaiser is a “manly device“. It’s robust, looks strong, exudes a masculine touch and silently says “I can do it all”. The iPhone doesn’t do that.

Oh so now its not a TOY it’s just that its not MANLY enough for a retired school teacher! I understand now?

And then I thought of that fellow talking about his wife’s iPhone. SHE had it, not him. Why? It’s slender, sleek, sexy and fits perfectly in her pocketbook. Yeah, it does some cool things but it just does not portray what I want in a device.

So I guess what your saying is that the iPhone is for women who normally aren’t power users and don’t have “REAL” business reasons to use manly phones.. WOW now that just is plain rude.. But coming from someone with hidden agenda’s I wouldn’t put it past you. Thanks for the humor…

Via David Ciccone

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