iPhone Safari Navigation Tricks

The folks over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, TUAW, have posted some  safari delightful navigation tricks for the iPhone version of Safari. Here are a few of their favorites for you to enjoy and to use while scrolling though webpages:

Page down. When not using a zoomed-in display, double-tap towards the bottom of the screen. The page will re-center around your tap. Make sure not to tap a link!

Jump to the top. Double-tap the very top of the screen, just below the time display to pop back to the top of the page. (Thanks John C)

Zoom onto a single picture. Double-tapping images in Safari zooms them to fit your iPhone display. If the picture is linked to a URL, this can prove a little tricky but it works great for non-linked images. Double-tap again to return to the unzoomed display.

For even more tricks head on over to TUAW.com

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