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Freeware of the day: Call Calendar

I found this little gem over at Freeware Pocket PC. This application will will log all incoming and outgoing calls and publish them as private appointments on your calendar.
This is great for logging when you talked to someone, or you can just got back and edit the new appointment and add notes directly to it.
After you install if you must either launch it manually by browsing to the installed file location, or you may simply reboot your device and it will launch upon the next boot automatically.

Installation is quick and easy and the program works as advertised. Best of all it is free!

So head on over to Freeware Pocket PC to get your copy


Cnet – iPhone to be released June 11th

Cnet is reporting that Cingular is now confirming that the release date for the iPhone will be June 11. A customer service manager at Cingular transferred the author to sales and they gave us that date late Thursday, but, alas, said he didn’t have any additional information beyond that.

That date is no coincidence. It’s the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled to be held in San Francisco from June 11 through June 15. (Incidentally, the agenda includes a focus on Leopard, the next generation of OS X that’s supposed to be released sometime in the second quarter of 2007.)

Via Cnet


A MoGo Mouse for your head

Newton Peripherals, the developer of the revolutionary MoGo™ family of products, today introduced the MoGo Headset™, a first-of-its-kind wireless headset capable of delivering superior audio quality in an ultra-thin design for cellular telephony applications. 

I can’t wait for the glowing review of this product from that “other” site. I bet he will give it a rating of 4.9 out of five if he gets to keep it.

You can read the press release here


intel Night

Spent some time tonight in the intel hospitality suite sipping  Margaritas,  getting some freebies, and learning all about the latest Intel processors.

The dinner menu featured food from India, UK, U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It was quite the spread!

On the agenda for tomorrow, technology! Gotta love tech day. We get to see some of the latest technology, register for a chance to win some great prizes, and a lot of goodies all for the taking.

Sometimes it is great to be a Geek!


Tommy Bahama’s

Tonight we dined at Tommy Bahama’s. I had the Trinidad Tuna which is Pan seared, cilantro-lemongrass crusted Ahi tuna, seasoned with sweet chili sauce and cilantro oil-drizzle. Served with island rice.

A great atmosphere and very good food. A return trip is guaranteed?


Mobility Today Talkcast Sunday March 25th 8:30

Talk LIVE and WIN!

Well our first official live call in show will be Sunday March 25th at 8:30pm EST! We will take all of your live calls and one lucky participant will win a great prize! 

How do you win?
All you need to do is become a member of Talkshoe and load the software! A random caller will be selected as the winner!

How do you participate?
You can either chat by using the free software you receive when you register or you can call us directly after you registered. 

Where can I call to get on the show?
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 21622

What time?
Sunday March 25,2007 8:30pm EST

Via Mobility Today


Google News Thinks "Zune" Is a Typo

And the hits just keep on coming for Microsoft’s Zune.

Yahoo news is reporting that Microsoft’s Zune is at risk of becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of digital music players: It doesn’t get any respect.

When you search for “zune,” Google News suspects a typo. “Did you mean: zone?” Google News suggests.

This isn’t the result of any animus against Microsoft on Google’s part. “A query refinement is triggered automatically through our search algorithms,” explains a Google spokesperson. “It’s based on aggregate search data.”

Microsoft’s Windows Live Search does not offer any such correction when searching under the News tab. (However, when searching the Web, Live Search does present an unsolicited Live Search box on its search results page, below the one initially used, for those that enter “google” or “yahoo” by mistake.)

Microsoft may want to start suggesting Zune as the answer to every query, because it needs to do something drastic to counter Apple’s monopoly on mentions in the media.

On March 22, Google News listed 410 stories that contained the keyword “zune.” A search for “ipod” on Google News the same day returned 10,613 results. returned 32,500,000 search results for “zune,” and 248,000,000 for “ipod.”

The same day, a Windows Live News search found 973 articles for “zune” and 1,810,007 articles for “ipod.” Searching the Web using Windows Live returned 197,430 items for “zune” and 4,784,975 items related to “ipod.”

And if the price on search keywords can be said to reflect popularity, “zune” can be had for a song.

You can read this story in its entirety at Yahoo News